CloudedCat is a site dedicated to technology for readers, researchers, translators, and second-language learners of Tibetan. Our goal is providing the same professional resources for Tibetan that are found in other languages. That includes tools to:

  • Create
    • graded readers
    • reading apps
    • textbooks & educational materials
    • dictionaries
  • Translate
    • theory & training
    • CAT (computer assisted translation)
    • L1 & L2 edX
  • Research
    • corpus linguistics
    • software & tools

Please bear with us as we construct the site; and, to keep up-to-date on our projects & content, follow us on FB or twitter.

The curator & developer of this page is Dirk Schmidt (click find out more about me & my credentials, publications, and presentations).

If you have an article, video, class, or curriculum you believe fits this site’s content & vision, please contact me!